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IKEA Campaign

'Every day different'

The Challenge: 
Consumers in Holland still think that Ikea stand for the Billy, the Lack table and the PS Cabinet But there is a lot more variation at Ikea. In fact, the swedish furniture store has so much to offer that you can tell something new every day. And that is exactly what we did in this Campain Concept
We show a different TV-commercial every day.. That's 
365 commercials a year.. This is made possible by smart media planning, advanced production techniques and a lighting fast creative process.. Every commercial enlights a new product, a different style or a new advantage.

This way we prove that every day is truly different at Ikea. The pay-off 'Ikea every day different' emphazises this. The commercials were not only sent outon different tv channels every day, but were also put on the homepage of Ikea and a special Youtube page to get even more viewers.

Account - Martha Frankenhuis, Dennis van Aalst, Sanne van Nouhuys, Mariken Bongers

Copy - Remco Marinus, Daniel te Lindert, Robin Stam, Marloes Scheffers

Art - Wendy Deun, Sanne Leenders, Cynthia Tiebosch

Strategy - Joost van de Loo, Maarten Bul

This campaign was awarded with a 

Silver Epica Award and a Tomorrow Award

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